There are 3 ways a single lesson can be booked:

  • Teacher invitation
  • Student books through their My Music Lessons account
  • Student books through the embedded calendar on the teachers/organisations website

Teacher Invite

A teacher can create an invitation for a single lesson through their dashboard, and the system will email the student for acceptance and payment. The student will have the option to accept or reject the invitation, and our system will automatically update and email any applicable users.

Student Books Through Their Account

A student can view a teacher's public diary through their dashboard and book an available time slot. The teacher is then notified through email and has the option to approve, rearrange or cancel the booking. This is particularly useful when students want to rearrange a lesson. They can simply rearrange their current lesson into a new time slot and this will be sent to the teacher/organisation for approval.

Student Books Through Embedded Calender

Teachers can embed their diaries directly onto their own website. This is particularly useful when potential new students want to know your availability and book their first lesson.

As you can see, My Music Lessons can save you time and money on your day to day admin. Not only do we handle the booking process, but we also deal with any credits or refunds automatically for great streamlining and flexibility.

Please note that payment for single lessons is only taken once they are approved by the teacher or organisation/music school.

Checkout the video below to see the 3 booking processes in action:

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