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Create a listing and enjoy the following features for free:

Teacher profile webpage that includes:

  • Customisable profile and banner image
  • About me, exam boards, qualifications and abilities taught section
  • Media section for videos and audio
  • Show details of your working hours, prices, packages & cancellation notice
  • Reviews
  • Customisable FAQ's
  • Google Maps Location
  • DBS Verfied Check
  • Gift Vouchers

Entry into our teacher search directory and improve your chances of being found by students and increase your income.

1 month free trial with our booking system and enjoy all the great features My Music Lessons has to offer. Once your free trial ends, you can either choose to add your payment details and continue to have access to all the features or just keep your free listing without the booking system. Any potential students will still be able to make booking enquiries through your free listing.

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