All teachers that join My Music Lessons are given a public profile web page, that is searchable through our teacher search.

This can also be linked to from your existing website or even used as your own website.

Teacher profiles include:

  • Customisable profile and banner image
  • About me, exam boards, qualifications and abilities taught section
  • Media section for videos and audio
  • Reviews
  • Customisable FAQ's

Student's can use your profile to:

  • See your latest public availability
  • Book lessons
  • Purchase gift vouchers
  • Purchase package deals
  • Contact you
  • Leave a review
  • View your cancellation policy
  • View lesson pricing
  • View options taught

To edit your public profile, simply navigate to settings inside your dashboard.

Organisations are able to manage each of their teachers profiles by simply clicking on "manage" next to the relevant teacher inside their dashboard.

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