You can still use our offline lesson option and create your own invoices.

My Music Lessons is primarily built around automated Card payments. However, we know that this won't always work for every scenario.

An example of this would be teachers that carry out peripatetic work in local schools. A lot of the time in this situation the payment for the lesson is not coming directly from the student. Usually the school are paying or perhaps another third party. In which case, our invoice option is better suited.

Our simple, easy to use invoice system allows you to create an invoice for single or multiple items, and email them directly to the recipient.

You can choose to have an invoice paid via card, bank transfer or cash.

Invoices paid by card will incur our usual processing fees, however there are no fees for bank transfer or cash payments.

Our invoice template also allows you to customise the header image with your own company logo.

Take a look at our invoice example below:

Invoice Example
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