Creating your availability has never been easier with our unique auto generated slot system.

Simply tell us when you're available and our system will automatically generate the available slots in your public calendar.

Take a look at the images below to see this is in action:

Public View

All our teacher accounts come with a free profile page that is listed in our teacher search for greater exposure.

Having a public calendar allows new students to see your latest availability, and book a lesson quickly and easily.

Not only will this allow new students to book with you instantly, but it also means existing students can rearrange their lessons into available slots without needing to contact you.

We will email you automatically, and you can choose whether to approve, rearrange or cancel the booking at the click of a button.

Your public diary is always fully up to date and in sync with your main teaching diary, so you are in full control of your teaching schedule.

Do you already have students, and want to know how easy it is to onboard them? Take a look at our invite system.

Did you know you can embed your My Music Lessons calendar onto your own website? Take a look at our embed feature.

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