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What is my music lessons?

My Music Lessons is an online booking system designed specifically for private music teachers and their students.

It includes our unique automated payment gateway, that will save you time and money from no shows and last minute cancellations.

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2.4% + £0.20 per European Card Transaction
3.9% + £0.20 per Non-European Card Transaction
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Multiple Teacher Organisation?

You get the same features included with a single teacher sign up but with a few extra benefits designed specifically for Organisations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will i receive my lesson payments? We transfer all teacher funds on a weekly basis. These are processed every Tuesday and contain any lesson money due from the previous week (Monday to Sunday).

What if my student cancels? Will i still be paid for their lesson? If the student gave the correct cancellation notice then their lesson fee will be credited back to them, but if they didn't give the correct cancellation notice then the teacher will receive the lesson fee as normal in their next payment cycle.

I already teach a lot of students, can they start booking with me through My Music Lessons? Yes they can, just send them a lesson invite from within your dashboard. Student accounts are completely free.

Some of my students have regular slots, what is the best way for them to book? When booking lessons they should select a "subscription" lesson type. This will reserve their time slot for 12 months and our system will automatically take payment for each lesson. Subscription lesson payments are always taken 7 days in advance.

What if my students want to cancel a lesson that is part of their 12 month subscription? A subscription can be cancelled at any time with no commitments to have lessons for the full 12 month period, subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. Students can even cancel out individual lessons within their subscription without it affecting their subscription as a whole. This is great if for example a student is on holiday for 2 weeks and wants to cancel these lessons but does not want to lose their regular time slot.

I'm going on holiday in June, what is the best way to cancel my students lessons? Just simply create some unavailability in your diary and we will tell you which lessons or events clash with this and ask if you would like to cancel them. Once confirmed we will notify the affected students and automatically remove any lessons and events affected by your unavailability. Any credits or refunds owed, will be dealt with and issued automatically by our system.

I have some other questions, where can i find more information? More information is available in our "Additional Information" section below. If you still have further questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Features For Teachers

  • Classes
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Package Deals
  • DBS Checks Available
  • Teacher - Student Messaging
  • Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Friendly
  • Smart Diary
  • Teacher Reviews
  • Automated Payments
  • Practice Schedule
  • Profile with Media Page
  • Teacher Search
  • Homework Diary
  • Financial Tracking
  • Student Invite System
  • Student Cancellation Policy
  • Automated Lesson Reminders
Support devices

Additional Information

Smart Diary

Our smart easy to use online diary system is accessible 24/7 365 days a year.

This allows students to:

  • View your current availability
  • Book and pay for lessons
  • Rearrange or cancel lessons

It allows teachers to:

  • Approve, cancel or rearrange student booking requests.
  • Add personal events such as gigs, holidays, doctors appointments etc.

Our unique system is always available to deal with student requests even when you’re not. This means you don’t need to worry about missing out on potential work because you were unavailable to take their call.

My Music Lessons will help reduce the stress of running your business as well as saving you time and money.

Automated Payments

Secure online payments through our automated booking system.

Our online payment system gives teachers and students greater flexibility when booking lessons. Students can book one off lessons or sign up to a weekly, fortnightly or 4 weekly lesson subscription, which means students won't have to manually book and pay for each individual lesson.

Our system will automatically reserve their slot for a 12 month period and take payment 7 days prior to each lesson until the subscription is cancelled.

Package Deals

There is also an option for teachers to add their own package deals for example "10 lessons for the price of 9". This gives teachers the opportunity to offer discounts and encourage students to pay upfront for a block of lessons.


For those teachers who offer more than just one to one lessons we have "Classes". This allows you to set up a booking slot that allows multiple students to book. You can even make the class "Public" or "Private" meaning either students are able to book via your online diary as normal or you can keep the class private and students can only view and book the class through an invite you send them.

Student Cancellation Policy

My Music Lessons operates a 24 hour cancellation policy.

If a student gives at least 24 hours notice to amend a booking they will be given two options:


  • They can rearrange their lesson with the same teacher for a different time or day at no extra charge.


  • They can cancel their lesson altogether without rebooking and receive a full credit refund. This credit will either be automatically applied to their next subscription lesson if the lesson was part of a subscription or the student will be given credit against their next single lesson booking.

If less than 24 hours notice is given to rearrange or cancel a lesson by a student then the full fee is still payable to the teacher with no refund given.

No time restrictions are applied if a teacher needs to rearrange or cancel a lesson. So for example a teacher has an emergency and has to rearrange or cancel a students lesson 2 hours beforehand, the system will offer the student the chance to choose another time slot or offer a credit refund.

Automated Lesson Reminders

Our system will automatically email your students to remind them they have a lesson.

Customisable Profiles with Media Page

You can add your own content to your profile such as a bio, qualifications, abilities taught, age restrictions etc.

You can also embed audio or videos to the media page. This could be videos of you playing to show students how awesome you are or audio backing tracks to help with a piece of music they’re currently learning.

Please note we currently provide integration with Soundcloud, Youtube & Vimeo.

Gift Vouchers

Students can purchase an electronic gift voucher with any teacher signed up to My Music Lessons.

Gift vouchers are a great way to increase business by offering your customers a chance to purchase lessons as a birthday or christmas present. Every gift voucher has a 1 year expiry from the date of purchase.

DBS Checks Available

We recommend that all teachers using My Music Lessons have a valid DBS check. A teachers DBS status is reflected on their profile page and is therefore recommended to help encourage students to book with you. If you don't have a DBS check then we can provide one for you subject to the DBS fees.

Contact us here for more information.

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Friendly

My Music Lessons is browser based so will work on any device with an internet connection. So whether you are sat on a laptop in your teaching studio or on the move with your mobile phone you can access My Music Lessons 24/7 365 days a year.

Student Invite System

You can invite students to book with you on My Music Lessons. This is a great feature for teachers who already have a student client base they now want to book through our system, as well as booking in new students. Just select "Create" from your My Music Lessons Diary to get started.

Financial Tracking

You can keep track of all your lesson money processed through my music lessons. You will be able to view your overall weekly, monthly or yearly figures. All this comes in handy when it's time to do your taxes!

Vouchers & Packages
Teachers can see any gift vouchers or packages they have sold and whether they are valid or expired. This also comes in handy if a teacher offers a few package deals and wants to know which is selling the best.

We transfer all teacher funds on a weekly basis. These are processed every Tuesday and contain any lesson money due from the previous week (Monday to Sunday). Please note there is a £0.20 processing fee for each weekly payout.

Homework Diary with practice schedule

Make a note of what you did in each student’s lesson and set homework to practice for next time. Provide links to audio, videos or apps to help them, such as a metronome or backing tracks. You can also set up a practice schedule for each student to help plan their practice time.

Teacher Reviews

Your students can leave you a review. This is a great way to help boost your profile from others in our teacher search. Students are more likely to book with a teacher that has fantastic reviews!

Teacher Search

All active teacher accounts will feature in our front end search. This is where students look for teachers in their area using our search function. This is great way to create even more business!

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Teacher Stories

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Teacher Sam Goddard Sam Goddard

"My Music Lessons has helped organise my teaching schedule and made it easier for students to book a lesson. I even use the diary to keep track of my gigs and rehearsals"

Student Craig Hardy Craig Hardy

"Being able to set my students homework online is a great feature. No more excuses from students saying they've lost the music sheet!"

Student Ste Evanson Ste Evanson

"Giving students the option to buy Gift Vouchers is a feature I've always wanted and now i have it thanks to My Music Lessons"