Put simply, card payments allow for quicker payment, and better automation.

This is why we have integrated card payments throughout our system, to save you time and money from chasing lesson fees.

All of our Single, Subscription, Class, Package and Voucher bookings are paid for in advance through card payment. This means you are never in a situation where you need to chase students for payment for a lesson that has already taken place. It also means you are guaranteed the lesson fee if the cancellation policy is not adhered to by the student.

This is what sets My Music Lessons apart from other scheduling software.

Unfortunately card transactions attract card fees. But the majority of our organisations and teachers have simply increased their lesson fees by a very small amount to cover this.

For example:

  • You charge 10.00 for a lesson
  • The card fee is 0.34
  • Increase your fee to 10.34 to cover this

Not only does this automated card payment process save organisations and teachers time from chasing payments, but it also saves the student time from having to manually pay invoices.

Organisations, teachers and students can visit the "Finances" section within their dashboard to see a record of all payments. This means everyone has a detailed track record of lesson fees all conveniently stored in one place.

Please note, card fees are still chargeable during the free trial period. You can see the current card processing fees on our Home Page.

Let My Music Lessons take care of this so you can spend more time doing the things you like.

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