All bookings that are processed by Card on My Music Lessons, will be paid out to the teacher and/or organisation in a weekly payout.

We process payouts every Tuesday. Please note that although we process the payouts on a Tuesday, it may not show in your bank account until a day or two later.

Each weekly payout will include any bookings that completed the previous week (Monday to Sunday). The payout will also include any owed cancellation fees from that week.

Please note that booking fees are only paid out once the booking has taken place/completed. For example if a user has paid upfront for 6 bookings, the system will automatically payout for each booking once they complete. This helps streamline any credits or refunds.

All bookings processed by Card are subject to our processing fees stated on our Home Page.

You will find a complete breakdown of all the booking fees that are included in each payout, on your Finances page.

This seamless process will help you keep track of your teaching income. Having lesson fees paid on time, every time, will save you a lot of stress.

Organisations with multiple teachers can benefit from having all their teachers paid automatically. Simply input the commission or hourly rate, and our system will do the hard work for you.

To do this, simply navigate to your Organisation Settings. You can also change this setting for each individual teacher if required, by going to Our Teachers and clicking on "manage" next to the desired teacher.

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